Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 7: I Really Don't Know What To Title This Because Nothing Happened Today and I Just Had a Brain Fart.

Today was pretty stressful. Last night, I stayed up almost all night to study for this French exam my teacher told us we'd have. It was on all of the basics of French. Numbers, greetings, months, days of the week, etc. Once class starts, nowhere on the agenda does it say exam. UGH! What a waste of time! I could've been sleeping that whole time I was studying. Whatevs.   Other than that, the day was short thanks to my open period. It started raining even though it was 109 degrees yesterday. But it was for like 30 seconds. It was the weirdest thing. Random. Sorry.

Day 6: To Glee or Not to Glee?

       Today was once again uneventful. Geez! I can't get one interesting day here, can I? But there was one thing that was semi-interesting. There was an info meeting for the school's glee club at lunch. Now, I absolutely LOVE Glee. I have seen every episode and I think the idea of being in a glee club is awesome. I just wasn't too sure what kind of people would be in the club and if it was worth auditioning for. From what I can see, it looks really fun! I've loved singing since I was little. Plus the uniforms are really cute!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 4 + 5: More Uneventful...ness

GAHH! Why? I thought the first few weeks would be a little more interesting.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 3: Bonjour, Ça Va?

          Oh, Lord. French is taking over my life. I'm not gonna lie, I absolutely LOVE my French class, but I always have French words and phrases running through my brain. My day was pretty good. It started at P.E. of course, in which we didn't do anything. Then I found out Dia had dropped out of Phys Ed. Sad face...
          Then before first period, I was talking to Kelsie and her friends and there was this group of guys in front of us. Not to sound stalker-ish at all but I was staring at two of them because they were REALLY cute. It totally sounds creepier than it actually was. I swear I'm not a stalker. Then one of the cute guys looked back and we met eyes. Totally awk-sauce. But then he smiled. So I smiled back. Then he just continued to talk to his friends. Then he kept looking back at me. One of my friends pulled me away to come with her to drop something off at her class so I left before any notice. He was really cute, but whatevs. I'll probably see him again. It's not like we don't go to the same school.
          Then I had history class, not that interesting. We're learning about... what am I thinking? You probably really don't care. After that, me and Kelsie hung out with her friends again. Blah, blah, blah. I tried Baked Hot Cheetos. Not that great.
          FRENCH CLASS!!! That was fun. My teacher is really cool. I've heard she can be mean, but so far I haven't seen that. But then again, it's only the third day. But, I swear she's really nice. Learned greeting and the different ways to say goodbye. All that fun stuff. Then I went home.

Day 2: The First Uneventful Day (Why So Soon?)

          Eek! I'm really late on posting! But it's probably because pretty much NOTHING happened on Friday. I didn't have any open period today so I had to stay til' three. Kinda sucks but whatevs. I'm starting to really like my school thanks to the loads of hot guys. YUM! But other than that is wasn't anything special. Pretty much nothing happened.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 1: "We Eat Babies."

          So, today was my first day. It started off pretty well but kinda ended badly. I had so many images in my mind predicting what the first day would be like. It ended up being nothing like I expected. When it comes to going into high school, you should really go in with an open mind. That way, you won't end up being disappointed. I wasn't disappointed, but there were many things I expected to happen that didn't happen.
          Right when I got to school, I was lost. Just a little advice for people who are lost, don't be afraid to ask. They say high school is a jungle, but nobody is going to pounce if you have a simple question. If you don't feel comfortable asking another student, ask a teacher. They are there to teach you whether it's in Chemistry or trying to find the locker room.
          The first class I had was Phys Ed. I have this as my early bird class which means I have to go to school much earlier than everyone else. After finding where I had to be, I was pretty much standing by myself in the middle of a large group of people. That definitely sucked. Then the coach showed up, called roll, and assigned our lines. After all that fun stuff, he asked if anyone was new. I felt obliged to raise my hand, so I did. All I heard from the other students were "Good luck," and, "Everyone is crazy," and worst of all, one girl said, "We eat babies." It didn't phase me because I knew I had my little "expectations" to look forward to. After the whole class now knowing that I was a new girl, a couple girls introduced themselves. They're names were Kelsie and Dia. They were actually really nice and I spent the whole class period with them. My P.E. coach seemed pretty cool but it was a little bit hard to predict what he'd be like. I didn't get any vibes when it came to if he was nice.
          After class, they introduced me to all their friends so I didn't feel left out. All of their friends were really cool. I can't remember their names though since there were way too many people. I almost felt overwhelmed but relieved that I didn't have to be the person to have to make friend all by myself. I feel pretty lucky that Kelsie and Dia introduced themselves to me because I'd be a total fish out of water.
          Then the bell rang and I had my first actual class which was history. The class was pretty good. Not anything interesting. In the middle of class, I started getting cramps which were "signs" of Aunt Flo coming to visit (If you know what I mean). Unfortunately, I can't keep track of it monthly because it's all over the place for some reason, so I wasn't sure if it was "it" or not. As soon as class ended, I ran straight to the bathroom to check and I was perfectly fine. So I then started to look for Dia, Kelsie, and all of their friends. I should've gotten at least one of their numbers because I couldn't find them and spent the whole break walking around looking like an idiot.
          Then it was time for my next class, French. This class was crazy. My teacher started speaking French as soon as we walked through the door. Nothing but French. No English. Just French. It was so confusing and I had somewhat of a headache. I started getting even worse cramps in class and started to really worry. I didn't want to be the person to ask to go to the bathroom on the first day, so I waited and hoped for the best. Luckily I was wearing a long shirt to cover any accidental leaks. I kept checking my chair for anything and it was totally clear. Just like the last one, as soon as class ended, I went straight to the bathroom. As soon I got in the stall, there it was. Aunt Flo arrived all over my shorts. Luckily, my P.E. shorts were in my backpack so I changed. Also, the next period (class period to be exact) was open period so I was able to go home and not have to deal with the situation anymore. 
          So, the first day had some highs and some lows but it was overall not bad at all. The whole "monthly gift" thing wasn't a huge deal. It was hidden and I was pretty lucky to have a back up. I'm excited for the rest of the year. It should be interesting.

Friday, August 12, 2011

What Am I Getting Myself Into?

          Starting at a new school. Sounds fun doesn't it? Maybe not to you, but after being homeschooled and living in a new town, it sounds like a fun idea to me. Not to sound cliche, but this is a total fresh start for me and I'm excited to the max! I wanted to make this blog to document my year of going to a new school. Everything from the cram sessions to the drama.
          Now to catch you up on some things, I haven't always been homeschooled. I started more recently after having problems in middle school regarding pretty much everything. The school was half the size of an elementary school, the teachers hated everyone, and being around the same people everyday in such a small environment can be annoying and exhausting. So, I was only homeschooled for half of 8th grade and my freshman year.
          Starting at a new school as a sophomore actually does sound scary. I mean, everyone has already overcome the freshman hump. They've already formed their friendships on their first day of freshman year bonding over the fact that they don't know what the hell they're doing. Thank god though that I have one friend who goes there! Her name is Arielle. She has a lot of friends and she's actually a cheerleader. I'm not really the cheerleader type though. (I'm not gonna lie I used to watch Bring It On religiously.)
          I've been hearing that the school is very cliquey. If that's the case, I have no idea where I'd be put. I guess you can say that I'm indie/hipster. (Despite the fact that I hate those words.) In middle school, since the school was so small, there was no one I could bond with over good music and bands. All everyone listened to was rap and pop and hip-hop and they all wore Hollister and Wet Seal. Just to fit in, I started to do all those things. Which, by the way, was really stupid. I'm making a promise to myself that I'll be myself and won't change. Because if you think about it, it's no fun to pretend to be someone you're not.
          I don't really know what to expect though. Last thing I want is to get lost on the first day or not know who to sit with at lunch. What if I totally embarrass myself? What if it's like Glee and they throw slushies at me? Now thinking about it, what am I getting myself into?